What are suprolos? <

Suprolos are funny little creatures and fairly new. Who are they and where did they come from?
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Suprolo characters <

What are suprolo characters, how can you apply them and how can you benefit from them as a company?
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Would you like to see examples of items, on which suprolos are featured? Or of suprolo products?
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These are the artists who have created 12,000 suprolo characters for the corporate market and more than 80 suprolo-llocingsⒺ in many languages.


There is also such a thing as a suprolo-lifestyleⒺ. As the word suggests, this lifestyle is based on the suprolo lifestyle, and it is sunny and playful and many more pleasant aspects, which will appeal to many people. When you interact with suprolos, you come into contact with these things, it comes naturally. Suprolo-llocings are also part of this lifestyle.

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Licences for suprolo characters

Single-use suprolo licence

The single-use suprolo licence is intended for one-time use with no intention of reselling the illustration.
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Promotions and advertising

Link a suprolo character to a product for a certain period of time as a promotion or to introduce a new product.
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Extended suprolo licence

An extended licence gives you the right to reproduce or apply a suprolo character to your own product.
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