Suprolo characters

Suprolo charactersⒺ are the suprolo figurinesⒺ that can be applied as image forms. Manufacturers can use these suprolo characters on their own products. Or they can turn them into a product in the shape of the suproloⒺ, such as jewellery, toys, wall decorations, cuddles, anything is possible with the suprolo characters.

The advantage, you may wonder?
The suprolos are attractive, and that is literally. Attention is naturally drawn to them because they are so funny and cheerful, or crazy or odd, but distinct: they fascinate children, young people, adults, men and women, grandpas and grandmas. And suprolos know no national boundaries, they speak a kind of universal language, which touches everyone on earth one way or another.
So all that obvious attention also comes to your quality product.

Just give it a try!

So how does it work?
It's easy: you contact us, after which we make an appointment, either in person or digitally, during which you select one or more suprolo characters. The arrangements made are laid down in a licence agreement, which is signed by both parties.
There are three types of licences: a single-use, one for promotions and advertising campaigns and an extended suprolo licenceⒺ.

After signing the licence agreement, you will receive a vector file of the suprolo character, which you can style in any colour and size and in any material you like. You can also request a coloured suprolo character. And then you can start working on your product following the instructions in the licence agreement.
Further information on suprolo licences
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