What are suprolo-llocings?

Suprolo-llocingsⒺ are a relatively unknown phenomenon in the world. The words and melody, if you can call them that, are created by The Artists Suprolo. But whoever interprets them can make the arrangement themselves. Thus, the same suprolo-llocing is always new and different. On this page more explanation of what suprolo-llocings are and also some examples of arrangements performed by the formation Apricot Fire.

Joy songs of the earth

Suprolo-llocings are the joy songs of the earth. Suprolo-llocings are an entirely new phenomenon in the world of humanity. They are a rendition of the joy and light that slumbers in the electrons of the human body. Suprolo-llocings awaken the light hidden in the earth, they appeal to the longing that exists in man, a yearning for self-realisation and an intimate psychic joy that give human existence a sparkle and brightness it did not yet experience.
In short, suprolo-llocings are an expression of a lila world hitherto unknown to humans, but characterised by a material joy, released from the electrons. Hence the name: the joy songs of the earth.

No music

These suprolo-llocings are not music. They cannot be musically be judged. They are a phenomenon in themselves and their sounds and vibrations move throughout the material world in which people, animals and things live in. The sound vibrations of the suprolo-llocings awaken for a moment the suns that slumber in the obscure oblivion of the electron. They evoke during interpretation or listening, for a short span of time, the psychic and material enthusiasm hidden in every electron, in every atom of the human body.
Just for a moment, the human matter wakes up, then it falls asleep again, silently waiting for the material dream of man will finally come true.

New phenomenon

Suprolo-llocings are a new phenomenon in the world. Not only because they are different from most songs in terms of lyrics, but also because of the way they originated with those, who created them. They are Joy Songs of the Earth because they were created from the earth, the material substance that makes up our entire universe. And from what kind of substance were they created? From lila substance, a yet unknown light substance in the world, although it has existed already for several decades.
This new lila substance, which contains many abilities, also gives rise to sound vibrations. These sound vibrations are converted and verbalised into sounds that can be heard by humans, seemingly resembling a kind of music. However, it is not music, nor can it be considered as such.
All suprolo-llocings sing of a new, different world of matter that has become joy. And they spread their sounds, almost as yet unheard, through all matter that exists.

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