The Artists Suprolo


The Artists Suprolo Sunya de la Terra and Bernardino de Citta first introduced Suprolo ArtⒺ in 1984.

This art form is part of a new movement in visual art, which appeals to humour, creativity, youthfulness, self-confidence, sense of adventure, progress, zest for life, etc.
SuprolosⒺ appeal to these same qualities in people. That is what makes suprolos attractive.

Unique works of art

Since the 1980s, Sunya de la Terra and Bernardino de Citta have created many artworks, such as suprolo-gouachesⒺ, suprolo papier-mâchéⒺ, suprolo wall tapestriesⒺ, etc. These are unique pieces. All these suprolos have a number above 12,000, such as suprolo 12729, shown here on the right. This is a suprolo made of papier-mâché.
The unique artworks as well as high-quality reproductions are available for sale at Suprolo World.

Scientists and writers

The Artists Suprolo are writers as well as artists. From their hand numerous scientific publications have appeared alongside books about the adventures experienced by the suprolos, such as 'Wonderful lightworld of suprolos', as well as an innovative children's book, 'The suprolo book for children'. These books have so far been published in small editions.
'Wonderful Lightworld of Suprolos' was also written in Dutch and an English version of the children's book has been published.
For more information on these publications: Suprolo World.


For the corporate market, The Artists Suprolo additionally created more than 80 suprolo-llocingsⒺ, which they call the joy songs of the earth. These suprolo-llocings have been released in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch with resounding names like Tierra Flamígera, The Birthsong, Das Stille Sein, Un Rêve, In Ultramarijnen Wateren, etc. There is also a Dutch version of each foreign language, which can also be interpreted. The video shows what suprolo-llocing can sound like, performed by the formation Apricot Fire.
Do you want to know more about suprolo-llocings?

Commercial market for suprolo characters

For the commercial market, Sunya de la Terra and Bernardino de Citta created 12,000 suprolo charactersⒺ. These suprolo-charactersⒺ make it possible to brighten up the world a bit and give a product more attention value. Each manufacturer can choose a suprolo and apply it to its own product or make it into a separate suprolo productⒺ, such as suprolo jewelleryⒺ, a suprolo statueⒺ for the garden, a suprolo wall decorationⒺ, or whatever, the possibilities are endless. On the right, an example of the suprolo characters in the catalogue.
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