suprolo licence

With an extended suprolo licence, you obtain the right to reproduce or incorporate a suprolo characterⒺ on your own products.


The terms are laid down in a licence contract and signed by both parties.

Applied to your product

On clothes and accessories, toys, interior decoration, tableware, food, books, etc.

Suprolo product

Suprolos as cuddly toys, jewellery, as three-dimensional sculptures, interior decoration, posters, postcards, etc.

Animated videos

The adventures of the suprolosⒺ portrayed in the form of an animated cartoon.


Contact us to pick one or more suprolo characters of your choice and discuss the terms and conditions.
You can make an appointment to meet in The Netherlands or Belgium, but the appointment can also take place digitally via Teams.

Suprolo character and signature

Upon signing the licence contract, you will receive a black-and-white image of the suprolo character(s) in the (vector) format of your choice (jpg, png, wmf, svg).

The advantage of a vector format is that the image can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.

An signature of The Artists Suprolo with the number of the suproloⒺ accompanies the suprolo character. These are part of the suprolo character and must always accompany the suprolo character in the form provided by MAM productions. You will also receive this signature with number in vector format.

You can give this vector file of the suprolo character one or more colours of your own choice. It is not allowed to depict a recognisable pattern, so no flowers, leaves, suns, or anything recognisable as an object. However, one or more colours, dots, stripes and other geometric shapes are allowed.

The Ⓔ to the right of the suprolo character refers to the text: 'Estare: Suprolo, Sant Julià de Lòria. All rights reserved'. This text must be placed (somewhere) on the product for which the suprolo character is used. On this website, for example, this text is also placed in the footer.
Your own copyright notice can also be included.


The name "suprolo" and the appearance of each suprolo character are registered and may not be used without permission.
The suprolo numberⒺ uniquely identifies each suprolo character. That is, each suprolo character has its own number.

The signature and the number marked Ⓔ belong to each suprolo character and must be displayed together with the character.

The signature and number are always placed underneath the suprolo character, as on the suprolo character image you receive when signing the suprolo character licence. This received signature and number are those of The Artists Suprolo and should be applied. They are always displayed horizontally below the suprolo character. You will also receive this signature with number in vector format from MAM productions.

You cannot obtain an exclusive right over a suprolo character, but it is possible to agree on a suprolo character linked to a certain product for a certain period of time. You can protect your own version (in colour or patterned) with your own copyrights.

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